What are Manolitos ?

You've bought the perfect pair of heels for a wedding or a cocktail , and suddenly ....! oh no, the heel is broken!. The heel has sunk into the grass or mud, and they are very expensive and beautiful!

The Manolitos are flexible. They cover the heel , with a base that prevents sinking into soft surfaces or your shoes get caught between slots uneven surfaces such as grass , wood, stones , pavers, etc ...

You will be able to enjoy that special moment and without worrying that your shoes can be damaged !

Your party shoes come back as new . Forget come back with heels broken or muddy !

The Manolitos extend the life of your heels. Thanks to the flexibility of the material they are made ​​easily adapt to different types of heel, also prevents slipping, dampen noise and avoid scratches on wooden floors.

Suggestions for Manolitos.

Give them away in your wedding. They will thank you !

Corporate gifts.

When you give a shoe , the Manolitos are the perfect complement.

The Manolitos corner at the event.

If you have wooden floors offer them to your guests .

Parties in hotel pools , discos , summer terraces , etc.



The Manolitos are some guards to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the heel of your shoes.

Made in PVC material to prevent slipping and cushion the tread reduces noise while walking. They are discrete and easy to use , and to increase the bearing surface of the heel securing tread and avoiding kinking.

Being transparent can adapt to any color of shoe, as they go unnoticed and without affecting the aesthetics of your heels.

The Manolitos are reduced in size , so you can take with you everywhere .